Our Message: "Golf for the Camp Kids"

Influential Idea

Sure it's fun to play in a golf tournament. But it is also one of the most expensive ways to play.

With more than 30 area tournaments -- each representing a good cause -- how do you choose?

Our objective was to remind prospective players of the YMCA golf tournament's purpose in a way that tugs their heart strings and evokes fond memories. Most everyone knows the "Y." Most everyone has been to summer camp. We made that the focus of our brochure.

Influential Message

Oh sure, we offer all the other things the other tourneys have: a great course, prizes, food, fellowship, etc. But golf with us and help kids go to camp.

Influential Strategy

Playing off the strong "brand recognition" for the Y and summer camp, we created a golf brochure that purposefully looks like it came from the YMCA. That immediately boosts recognition. And how could we describe the message any better than those cherubic faces can?

Inexpensive two color printing was appropriate. Part of the subliminal message is that your contribution dollars are going to the kids, not overhead costs. Plus most pieces produced by the "Y" are in one or two colors. A cream colored stock helped the photos which were mostly "captured war film" from amateur photographers.

Influential Communications produced the piece pro bono.

Influential Results

The tournament sold out and attracted more sponsors than ever before.

Who doesn't know the "Y" or remember camp?

Kids' faces are worth a thousand words.

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