Welcome to Our Website

Tell me, does your company brochure say, "Welcome to Our Brochure"?

Misspelled Wurds

Does your website truly deserve less attention to quality than your advertising, brochure or business card? (Also, we suggest that good grammar supports effective communications and enhances your company image.)

We are committed to excellence, the premier supplier, service driven . . .

Superlative clichés are no stronger than the old fashioned kind. Be original.

More than a Minute to Load

Especially for your home page, grab those web "eyeballs" right away. Save the showboat graphics for subsequent pages. If you must employ something complex, offer a "skip ahead" button. (This advice does not apply if you are in the "entertainment" business.) In most cases we feel people are primarily visiting your website looking for information. Don't decorate; communicate.

Broken Links

When a link from your page comes up "404" it means you haven't been paying attention to your website. For several of our clients, Influential acts as their "virtual" webmaster.

Confusing Navigation

Web surfers are used to seeing websites their way. Offer them clear links and plenty of options.

Unanswered E-mail

Hey, you aren't the type to not return phone calls are you? People expect e-mail answers in "Internet" time, hours instead of days.

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