Knights of Columbus magazine ads:

Each ad follows a similar line. The headline and teaser copy changes. And we cleverly customized the kicker that comes at the end of each ad, just before the offer, in order:

Let us in! You and your Knights of Columbus Insurance agent already have a lot in common.

We feel we have something of true value for income planning and family financial security. Our products rate among the best. Our prices are very competitive. Our value and stability are superior. Total dividend payout continues to increase. In fact, total dividends last year amounted to over $140 million.

Your Brother Knight insurance agent will conduct a free, absolutely no obligation, family needs analysis. He'll answer all your questions. No pressure. No fancy footwork. Contact your K of C agent today.

Signature and free brochure offer.

Knights of Columbus First in Series
Knights of Columbus Second in Series Knights of Columbus Third in Series
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