We Create "Business Golf"

Influential Idea

Most every business wants more business. We cast a Chamber of Commerce golf tournament contribution as a sales and networking opportunity.

Influential Message

The good news is that you don't have to play golf to be a part of this Chamber fund raiser. Heck, you don't even have to like golf.

But if you do business in Milford, then your company's name should be on the sponsorship list. Most all the prominent firms in town participate. Besides, it's for a very good cause and an inexpensive advertising opportunity.

Influential Strategy

Because the tournament routinely sells-out, attracting golfers was our secondary emphasis. The brochure had to do two jobs. We wanted to attract tourney players, but pushed harder for various sponsorships, tee signs and prize donations.

The Chamber event has to compete with several other tournaments sponsored by business organizations. To stay on par with the competition, we chose a sophisticated design and four color printing. It says we're to be taken seriously.

Influential Communications produced the piece pro bono.

Influential Results

The tournament sold out again, plus attracted more donations than ever before.

Attracting non-golfers to contribute.

Doing two jobs: attracting golfers and contributors. 

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