Original, Appropriate Approach Best Serves Golf Tourneys
Chamber of Commerce

Chamber: attract more donations
YMCA: compete with other tourneys for golfers

Chamber: Members and local businesses
YMCA: Area golfers

Chamber: garner donations from non-golfers
YMCA: compete with more than 30 other local charity tournaments

Chamber: primarily speaking to fellow members
YMCA: name recognition

Chamber: position tourney contributions as sales & networking opportunities
YMCA: pull at prospective golfers' heartstrings with fond memories of summer camp and kids

Both: our brochure was the primary marketing vehicle


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Chamber of Commerce Brochure

We don't do clichés

Our Influential creative approach is driven by the communications objectives of each client, the audience we're addressing and the competitive marketing environment.

We think it through new each time. Every piece we create is a custom job. Every client deserves a fresh approach.

If you look at our portfolio of work, you'll find very few pieces that look alike.

You won't find us following the latest trendy design because by the time it's a "trend" nobody's paying attention to it anymore.

Fresh creative breaks through the clutter.

However we don't do new without a purpose.

Click on brochure for larger pictures and full description.
YMCA Brochure

Because to be effective, we strongly feel your message and its delivery must be appropriate.

As our Creative Director Lou Milo likes to say, "We don't decorate. We communicate."

Two golf brochures shown here are good examples of our original approach. Each was developed to answer very different marketing objectives.

Neither looks at all like the other. Neither looks much like other golf tournament brochures.

The Chamber brochure primarily targets contributors and donors, rather than attracting golfers. The tournament sells out early, easily attracting a full slate of players, but has unlimited capacity for donations.

For the YMCA, we reminded golfers why they're playing. This brochure looks more like a camp brochure than a golf brochure. Hey, they already want to play golf. We convinced them they wanted to play for the kids at the YMCA.

Influential Communications produced the pieces pro bono.

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