"Just Get Us In and We Can Sell More"
Knights of Columbus Insurance

Increase Market Share

K of C members

Sales stereotypes
Poor image

Brotherly fraternity

Directly address sales concerns
Take moral high ground

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Direct mail

From statement stuffer.
Knights of Columbus Insurance wanted to increase its market share of members' life insurance policies. A typical scenario was that a member would have a small K of C policy bought out of a sense of fraternal obligation, only to buy his larger policies with big national companies.

The sales force said they were simply not getting enough invitations or positive responses to their inquiries to fellow K of C members.

Previous K of C advertising fell along the lines of typical life insurance motivators: protection for families in an uncertain world, providing for loved ones, covering death expenses, etc.


Know anyone who likes to buy life insurance? Most people have negative stereotypes of sales persons, especially those peddling life insurance.

Furthermore, many K of C members did not recognize the financial prowess of their organization, the soundness of its insurance and the true value it is able to offer. Ironically, the K of C was founded, "To render financial aid to its members and the beneficiaries of its members," as stated in the organization's original charter.

Because of its corporate status, K of C is not publicly advertised like the commercial companies. This contributes to the organization's insurance products being perceived by the audience as second-rate to the insurance on television. Again ironically, K of C ranks as one of the leading insurance providers in the nation. Perhaps more importantly, its rating by such independent agencies as A.M. Best is consistently one of the highest in the industry.

Influential Ideas

Meet the issues head on! When you have a great story to tell, don't be shy. As the Bible says, "Hide not  your candle under a basket."

First of all, K of C insurance salesmen are not like all the others. They can't pressure you to buy something you don't need and then see you in church next Sunday. They have to meet a higher standard. We let fellow K of C members know that their Brother Knights who sold insurance take this obligation very seriously. Wouldn't it be wonderful to get insurance advice from someone you could trust?

Second, K of C has a solid gold insurance rating.

Influential Action

First in the ad series.
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The sales force set the challenge, we answered.

Influential advocated a coordinated campaign of advertising, direct mail and sales support.

We started with the sales force by sending them pre-press copies of the ads and statement stuffer that were going to be distributed directly to their prospects. It was the first time these materials were previewed with the salesmen.

We also sent them brochures to hand out and a poster to put up in their local council hall. Then we included a feedback survey soliciting their comments after the campaign concluded.

A series of three magazine print ads reinforced the key message in a humorous form that openly acknowledged how most of us feel about insurance salesmen.

These were backed by a statement stuffer that went out with council mailings.

Influential Results

The sales force responded very favorably to the ball so firmly bounced back in their court. Survey results were overwhelmingly positive. Many salesmen included suggestions for future campaigns.

Sales results were also very positive. Unfortunately numbers or even percentage increases are not authorized to be published here.

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