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Partnering is one of the new business relationship philosophies coming out of the current push for quality and efficiency. Here is what it means to us.

Whether you have a single job or a broad program, we take time to solicit your input, analyze the situation and develop effective and strategically sound work.

We try to always start at the start. We'll likely surprise you with the insights we can bring to your planning process.

We're honest and forthright in sharing our thoughts. We're open to suggestions and ideas from all sources. We prefer to work with decision makers.

At Influential we strive to integrate our work with all your communications and marketing efforts, whether these are assigned to us or not. We're not afraid of project work.

We're reasonable, responsive and responsible.


We offer a non-manipulative relationship.

Influential Capabilities

"Nice philosophy," you're saying to yourself, "but can these folks handle my account?" Yes, we can. (What else would we say?)

Influential offers an attractive alternative to expensive ad agencies and limited freelancers. Here's proof.

Experience is important. Even the biggest ad agency assigns just a few creative people to actually do the work. So although we're a small outfit - and that by design - we can apply all the creative expertise your project or account demands. We have a dedicated creative team representing most all facets of marketing.

Our people have worked at and for, big and small, companies and agencies: from IBM to one-person startups, from Madison Avenue to Freelance Cul-de-sac.

We prefer to compete on ideas. We feel we're creative. We have clients that celebrate our creativity. You'll have to look at our stuff and form your own opinion.

We're also very practical. We think well. We like to plan. We produce single projects and full campaigns from concept to finished product.

We care. We deliver meticulous, critical attention to each project. Like our clients, we're sticklers for quality control. We work quickly. We meet our deadlines. We hit your budget targets.

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