Our Approach
Broadly Focused & Cost Effective

Broadly Focused

If all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.

Most ad agencies operate this way, proposing an ad to solve just about every communications challenge.

We've seen plenty of website designers who have the same tunnel vision. Sorry, but we do not believe the Internet is everything.

The Internic says it registers a new web address every five seconds. In the face of all that clutter, will you really trust your entire company to e-commerce? Ever notice how much traditional advertising the dot-com folks are doing?

At Influential we believe in balance. There are so many options to communicate your message. We know them all well enough to give your organization lots of options.

Based upon your objectives we then weave together an integrated marketing campaign.

We are practiced in most every medium.
Instead of just a hammer, we reach into a full toolbox.


We are lean, efficient AND fun!
Influential offers a lean, capable, creative alternative to expensive agencies and limited freelancers.

Cost Effective

Influential Communications always makes sure you get the very most for your money. We consider communications media based on effectiveness and budget.

We don't have multiple layers of high-priced managers and "specialists." We eschew glitz and flash. Our offices are modest and efficient.

Our staff is lean but capable. We are a cadre of idea craftsmen. We handle larger products by dipping into our pool of dedicated creative partners.

We consider the practical side - production costs and logistics - at the earliest creative stages.

We will work with any budget.

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